Photo Friday: Relaxing in the Penthouse

Getting on top of tall things like the china cabinet has always been Chris’s area of expertise. Puck usually just watched as Chris  traveled the upper reaches of our home like Tarzan swinging through the vines. But he did more then watch; he learned. Now Puck is able to get on top of the china cabinet like an old pro. He even climbed inside one of Rose’s baskets one day so we decided to turn it on its side and now it is like a little penthouse with a view. It seems to be his second favorite place to be, right behind the top of the couch overlooking our living room window.

Of course, one cat can’t do something interesting without the other getting jealous and wanting to join in. So was the case this day when Chris spotted Puck in his “penthouse” and wanted to see if there was anything he could do to annoy him. In the end, Chris got bored and was off to a new adventure, leaving Puck alone to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck on china cabinet

Dad! Tell him its my turn!

Bad Cat Chris on china cabinet

I’ll wait ’till you’re done.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck on china cabinet

I can’t wait. I have things to do.

Our cat Puck on china cabinet

Was it something I said?

Our cat Puck on china cabinet

Alone at last.


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