More Problems With Poop

I thought that Chris had finally broken the habit of pooping on the floor. He was so good these last few months. Only on rare occasions did he have an “accident.” All of a sudden this last week or two he is back to his old ways. About once a day, sometimes twice, I find a poop on the floor, right in front of the box under the stairs.

This time is a little different though because he is now always pooping in the same spot. I had a small rug next to the box to protect the carpet but when I had it in the wash I put down an old towel in its place. I then replaced that towel with another when I needed to wash it and have rotated towels for the last week.

I started mixing in the frozen raw food with their canned food again last weekend. I ran out of that food over a month ago and for some reason I never bothered to buy more. I also ordered the Purina Fortiflora probiotics from Amazon and started putting it in their food when it arrived on Tuesday. Chris seems like he is pooping more than usual which is part of the problem. I tried something similar a few years ago but only had a two-week supply and I gave up when I didn’t see his problem getting any better. This time I am going to give it at least two months to see if he improves.

When I came home to poop on the towel Friday evening I decided to put the rug back where I had it, even though it is harder to clean. Since then he has not pooped anywhere but the boxes. It could be that the towel was a better substitute for a litter box then the rug was. It could also be that the probiotics are starting to work or maybe it is just that it is the weekend and the boxes get scooped more often.

I guess I will know more next week. Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “More Problems With Poop

  1. Colleen

    Chuck… good luck! I have a “supply” of white inexpensive cotton terry towels that i put down on the back of the sofa/s, footrest, computer chair…anywhere Miss Angie (bobtail) might go… last nite i washed them and didn’t get them out of the dryer – so of course! she left me a reminder on my new leather chair !
    😦 the Fortiflora is good – not sure it would work with Angie since she is a bobtail…

  2. Charles Huss Post author

    Thanks Coleen. I don’t think the fact that she is a bobtail would matter. It might be worth a try. It’s about $20 for a 30 day supply. Not cheap but if it works it’s better than a vet bill or all the trouble you have to go through.


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