You’re Not The Boss Of Me!

A friend of mine is staying with us this weekend and while he had his suitcase open on the bed, Chris, being the bad cat that he is, decided to climb into it and lie down on his clothes. When he picked Chris up to move him, Chris let him know in no uncertain terms that he was very unhappy with the treatment he was receiving.

Later, we decided to go out for breakfast and had to get the cats off the patio so we could leave. I picked up Puck and put him inside but Chris put himself under the cat perch, which he knows is the hardest spot to get him out of. When I tried to pull him out from under there, he rolled on his side and braced himself with his rear foot and front paw against the cat perch. He then proceeded to cry, growl and hiss at me the entire time I was trying to get him out. It took a bit of effort but I finally got him in my arms and was carrying him to the door when Puck ran back on the patio.

I love getting out but sometimes I really hate leaving the house.

What do you think?

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