Big Baby Chris

The other day was nail clipping time. It is a joyous time that everyone in the house looks forward to…or not. Since I am a bit too nice for the task, my job is to bring the cats to Rose and help hold them down while she clips their nails.

Time to trim nails again

Time to trim nails again (Photo credit: AlexanderY)

We started with Puck, who is never a problem when it comes to clipping his nails. I was not even needed to hold him. In fact, he was actually purring while Rose was clipping his nails. If only all cats would act that way.

Contrast that behavior with Chris’s. It is an absolute nightmare to get his nails clipped. He screams, cries, growls, bites, scratches and oh…did I mention farts? If someone didn’t know better they would think Rose was cutting off his toes or something. Why is he such a baby? It’s just nail clippings.

Last week he had a problem with his eye and we wanted to hold a warm, wet cloth on it for a short time. This was as painless as clipping his nails but he wanted nothing to do with it. It was difficult to keep the cloth on him for more than twenty seconds. I do not look forward to the day when we have to give him medicine, or worse, a shot.

We’ve had experience with several cats over the last decade and a half and only one, Princess, has given us as much trouble at nail clipping time as Chris has. I’m curious to know what other people go through at clipping time. Please leave a comment. Tell me I’m not alone.


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