The Continuing Saga of Poop

On one of my earlier posts, Tub Pooper C, I mentioned the problem we had with Chris pooping in the tub and on the floor next to the toilet. While in Myrtle Beach, one of the things I did was add raw meat to the cats’ diet. My hope was that a more natural diet would help with Chris’s loose stool, which in turn would mean that he would not poop as many times during the day. That would increase the odds that the litter box would be clean when he had to go. That would also decrease the number of “accidents,” even if the percentage stayed the same. In any case, it didn’t work.

It is possible that an all raw diet might have helped but the cats didn’t like it much. I ended up mixing it with canned cat food to get them to eat it. I was told that I could decrease the percentage gradually untill they were eating all raw food. Unfortunately, that worked in theory but not in the real world. I am still giving them the raw meat twice a day but I was never able to reduce the canned food much lower than 50%.

When we moved back to Florida Chris started pooping next to the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. We had two large litter boxes upstairs in the “cats” room, which is what we called the spare bedroom. I wanted to put another litter box in the downstairs bathroom but Rose did not want it there because that is the bathroom that our company would use. The problem was, we rarely had company and the pooping on the floor was getting worse.

Eventually Chris started pooping on the carpet behind the dining room table. Rose was not happy. I seem to remember that he was very close to finding himself back in the shelter. That was when she reluctantly agreed to put a litter box downstairs.

This helped a little but I still found myself cleaning poop from the floor and the carpet from time to time. It was then that Rose’s mother gave us a three-week supply of probiotics for cats. I thought for sure that would help but after three weeks there was no change. So the pooping continued… Today, he is 95% cured, but that is another story.

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