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Our New Easy-On Cat Harness

After the trouble Frankie caused for me during the last couple of cat outings, I decided it was time to put him back on a harness. The harness he had was just too hard to put on a struggling cat so I looked for a harness that was very easy to put on. I found one from a company called Bark Appeal. Judging by the name, I assume it is a dog harness but it also works for cats. This harness has two Velcro strips and putting it on is just a matter of wrapping it around his neck and abdomen.

Bark Appeal cat and dog harness

Frankie seemed perfectly fine wearing it. He made no attempt to get out of it and gave no indication that it might be uncomfortable. I bought the mesh version because I thought it would be cooler and lighter but there were other fabric choices. I also got a size large and it seemed a little loose on him but if he wasn’t so excited about going outside I am sure I could have wrapped it a little tighter.

Rose did not want to partake in our little adventure so I had to leave Puck inside because watching two cats is hard enough if one cat is Frankie and the other Chris. I felt bad but Puck cares less about going outside that the other two boys. The outing was fairly short-lived because Chris disappeared on me and I had to bring Frankie inside so I could look for him. As soon as I got inside I saw him from the window peeking around the corner where I just was with Frankie.

What do you think? Anyone else have a harness that is easy to put on?