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Florida Room Versus Arizona Room

In my last post, I talked about our Florida room and jokingly suggested my mother was wrong for calling her Florida room an Arizona room. I had several comments about the various names of the room and decided to look them up. I read several articles and will try to generalize what I learned.

A Florida room is also called a sunroom and sometimes a three-season room or a solarium. It is an addition to a home that has windows on three sides, either glass or screens, and is meant as sort of a buffer between outside and inside. It is usually in the back of the house, but not always, as is our case. It can also be called a Florida room in states other than Florida because it is based on something that is popular in Florida.

According to Wikipedia, an Arizona room is “based on similar concepts as the Florida room,” and “is often decorated with Southwestern decor and furniture.”

There you have it. Everything you wanted to know about the room that I call “the cat’s room.”