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Finally, Someone to Nap With

Chris has always been the odd cat out when it comes to napping partners. Other cats would pair up for a nap and Chris was left to join them. Usually that involved waking them up and annoying them, but they would usually accept him being there and go back to sleep.

The problem then was that nobody wanted to play with Chris. He was a gold ball of energy but had no one to help him release that energy. That changed when we got Puck, who would not only play with Chris but would actually give him a run for his money. Then Tigger died…

Puck was the player but Tigger was the only cat left that would tolerate napping with Chris, especially since Chris is not a good napper. I felt bad every time I watched Chris lie down next to a napping Puck, only to see Puck get up and move. We actually considered getting another cat that would be willing to tolerate Chris.

The good news is that lately Puck has stayed put when Chris lies next to him. I have seen them sleeping together several times lately and feel like we no longer need to consider another cat.

The problem now is that Puck spends less time with Rose then he used to. He will come to her for a greeting and then move on like he is too busy to visit. So now Rose wants a cat that will nap with her. It’s always something around here.

Our cats, Chris and Puck, napping togetherOur cats, Chris and Puck, napping togetherOur cats, Chris and Puck, napping together