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The Importance of a Cat Count

We have been living with cats for many years and on a few occasions we have come home from work to find one of our cats shut in a closet or some other small place. Once Abbey was stuck in the armor squeezed in next to the television. Fortunately I discovered her just before walking out the door.

fingersBecause of these traumatic events, I have developed a habit of doing a “cat count” ┬ábefore leaving for work. We now have three cats so it is quick and easy but we did have six cats a few years ago.

Yesterday morning I did my usual cat count and then we went to work. When we got home I followed my standard routine. I fed them (first, of course), swept the litter, cleaned the litter box and took a shower. I then folded the clothes that were in the dryer while Rose showered and then we ate dinner, watched a little television and went to bed. Aren’t you jealous of our exotic lifestyle?

The next morning I fed the cats (first, of course) but Frankie wasn’t there to eat. That was unusual because he and Puck are always there before me. After a search of the house we found him shut in the laundry room.

I felt so bad that I not only missed him going into the laundry room, I was awake for two hours before going to bed and did not realize he was missing. From now on I will have to do a cat count before going to bed as well.

Photo Friday: Shelf Space

Doing laundry in our house can sometimes be a challenge, especially with a bad cat (or two). Sometimes I have to deal with Puck climbing into the washer or dryer, other times Chris jumps on top of the machines and then has to explore all the shelves in the laundry room. Those shelves are just packed with stuff but he always manages to find room to move around up there.

Bad Cat Chris on Laundry Room shelf