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Loss of Bedroom Privileges

I have tried to live a relatively healthy life and, except for an occasional slight issue, I have not been sick in over ten years. My concern lately was that I would be destined for an illness due to my lack of sleep caused by Chris waking me up early every morning. That hit home on Tuesday morning when I woke up with a minor sore throat.

I was planning on riding my bike to work and I feared that would be difficult with a sore throat. Fortunately I felt better after an hour or so but all day I did not feel quite right. The next morning I felt bad again and Rose insisted that we keep Chris out of the bedroom that night, which we had not done lately because she did not want to punish Puck for Chris’s bad behavior.

I set up the plastic under the door along with the brick and candles along the edges. I described this in a earlier post where I talked about how these were necessary to keep Chris from digging a hole in the carpet. In consideration for Puck, we left the door open when we went to bed. Usually, but not always, Chris can be in the bedroom with us when we go to sleep without any problems. It is at three or four o’clock that he becomes a huge pain, which is what happened on Thursday morning. Rose was nice enough to get up and throw him out and close the door. He cried for a while, dug at the plastic and scratched the door but I was actually able to sleep until 6:30, which I had not done in ages.

We left Chris and Puck with a sitter and are enjoying a couple of days, cat free, in New Smyrna Beach where I was actually able to sleep until 6:30 again. I still feel like this illness is trying to take over but it has not got me yet. I seem to feel worse when I get up in the morning and then better once I have been up for a little while. We are going home tomorrow and I really want to be better before I have to deal with Chris again. Maybe if we throw him out when he is bad he will eventually learn to stop waking me up so early. Probably not but either way, I should finally get the sleep I need.

Four O’clock Chris

If you are a regular reader, you know that sleeping with Chris in the house can be very difficult. It has been a constant tug-o-war with each side having the advantage until the other side figures out a way to counter it. If you are a new reader, I will put links to some earlier stories about this struggle at the end of this post.

Currently, Chris has not only gained the advantage, but I have run out of ideas to get back to a normal night’s sleep. I feel like my sleep bank is overdrawn and if I don’t make a deposit soon I will get sick and perhaps even fired because I feel tired at work all the time. So far, it hasn’t affected my job, but I know mistakes happen when you are over-tired.

On Christmas Eve I couldn’t keep my eyes open in church. Our pastor is a nice guy and I don’t want him to think that I think he is boring. I was also having trouble keeping my eyes open on Christmas Day when my son and his wife were here. I was actually closing my eyes while he was talking to me. I had to struggle to keep them open.

After finally figuring out how to keep Chris out of the bedroom, I had to abandon it, first because Abbey got sick and then because of our new kitten Puck. For a kitten, he is remarkably well-behaved. Of course he plays and does some things he is not supposed to but he never bothers us at night. He also doesn’t scratch on the furniture or force his way into the cabinets or poop on the floor like a certain gold cat that we know. Because of this, Rose feels bad because to keep Chris out of the bedroom, we also have to keep out Puck and Tigger.

So, for now, he has full access to our bedroom at night, and every morning at four o’clock, he wakes me up. It is a mystery to me how he knows when it is four o’clock but somehow he does. He will get up next to me and either bite my nose or start treading on my bare skin. When this starts, I look at the clock and almost without fail, it is within five minutes of four o’clock.

Last night Rose clipped his nails. I thought that might help me tolerate the treading until he got tired and stopped. That didn’t work. I think having short nails just makes him extend them out farther. I try desperately to block his claws with my hands or the sheet but he just moves to another location. I grab his paws but he pulls away. I push him off the bed but he jumps back on it. I hold him down until I annoy him but he just moves to above my head where I can’t do that.

Sometimes I am succesful in keeping him from treading on my neck or back. When that happens, he pulls at my scalp. Sometimes he grabs my nose or the side of my lips with his claws and pulls. He is trying to get me to turn my head so he can bite my nose. I do not know why he must bite my nose but I do know it is very annoying. Out of frustration, I will sometimes bite his nose, hoping he will get the hint, but he doesn’t.

I think soon I will have to start going to bed at eight o’clock. My senior years are starting early.

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