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Cats are Clumsy

Cats have a reputation for being very graceful but in reality, they can be quite clumsy. They are graceful under certain circumstances. For example, they can walk across a display full of porcelain collectibles and leave them all undisturbed. Yes, they are graceful walkers, but what about running and jumping?

Running, and especially jumping, is where they all turn into a cat version of Inspector Clouseau. I don’t know why, maybe nature didn’t prepare them for indoor living, but every time one of our cats jumps on something I hold my breath while I wait to see if something, or someone, falls over. All of our cats have fallen, knocked something over or slid into something but our most clumsy cat has to be Puck.

cat puck

Who? Me?

scratch from catOne example happened Friday morning. I was sitting at the computer when Puck jumped onto my lap, stepped onto the desk and then jumped to get on top of our laser printer. He missed, and grabbed onto whatever he could to keep from falling. That happened to be me. I supposed I could have backed away and saved myself but I hung in there to save my dear, little klutz.

I ended up with a large scratch on my arm, two scratches on my side and a puncture at the edge of my fingernail. In addition, he hurt an already sore shoulder and I spilled coffee on myself.

That was just one example. It seems whenever a wound from one clumsy cat indecent heals, I end up with another one.

We are not the only household with clumsy cats. Shortly after I started writing this post yesterday evening, I saved it to eat dinner and watch a movie with my wife. She did not know what I was writing about but relayed a story to me after the movie was over. She said her friend’s cat tried to jump on a cabinet and missed. He ended up breaking his femur and now she is faced with a $1500 vet bill.

Okay, it’s your turn. Tell me about your clumsy cats.