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Puck Takes a Dust Bath

Lately we have noticed that Puck seems to want to roll around in the litter box.

Puck rolling in litter boxAt first we thought he was just being weird. It would be like us humans washing our hands in the toilet.

Puck rolling in litter boxBut then we discovered it is common for cats to do this. It is called a “dust bath” and naturally, this is supposed to be done in the dirt, but our inside cats have no access to dirt so this is the best they can do.

dust bathOne of the reasons they do this is to cover their bodies with good bacteria that they then lick off themselves to get this good bacteria into their digestive system. They may also do this to scratch an itch or mark their territory. My worry is that the bacteria in the litter boxes may not be what I would consider good, although so far Puck seems to be in good health and is on the desk as I type this purring and causing typos.