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Our Bathroom Attendant

About a week ago, we noticed that Puck was spending a lot of time in the bathroom. No, he does not have a medical condition. He would just hang out in there. Sometimes I would see him sleeping in the bathroom and other times he would be staring up toward the ceiling.


Rose and I wondered if there was a bug that the other cats failed to notice. Perhaps there was the sound of a rat in the ceiling. We didn’t know but we found out the other day. The call came from Rose while I was in the kitchen. Chuck! Come Quickly! Oh my God! Hurry!

I thought she hurt herself or one of the cats was in distress. I hurried to the bathroom to see Rose pointing at the wall. Just above a large picture on the wall was what looked like a
Mediterranean Gecko. It is not native to Florida and looks so different from the lizards we usually see (there is a variety but most are called Brown Anoles) that it caused Rose to get pretty excited. We think it was hiding out behind the picture and Puck knew it was there. It was missing its tail so I assume Puck came close to catching it.

Brown Anole

Brown Anole

Mediterranean House Gecko

Mediterranean House Gecko

I got a towel and with much effort finally managed to catch it and bring it outside. Puck did not realize I had caught it and he is still holding vigil in the bathroom, three days later, waiting for the gecko to slip up. Or he’s just looking to save fifteen percent on car insurance. I cant be sure. 

Our cat Puck looking for gecko.

Puck still looking for the gecko

Note: If you live outside the U.S. and don’t get the car insurance joke than click here