Fighting in Bed

For Throwback Thursday here is a post from exactly seven years ago. It was bedmaking time and you know how fun that is.

Bad Cat Chris

I’m sure almost everyone reading this understands the difficulties of making the bed with cats around. In my house, it is usually Chris who wants to be covered with a sheet or blanket, but the other day Frankie ended up under the sheet.  When Puck saw him under the sheet he got all frisky and started attacking Frankie.

It’s funny to watch those two sometimes. Often we will see Frankie chase Puck through the house and a few seconds later we will see Puck chasing Frankie. It usually seems friendly but there are also many times when someone loses a big chunk of fur.

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4 thoughts on “Fighting in Bed

  1. onespoiledcat

    Teddy is a fan of “get on the bed and interrupt the sheet changing process”…..he doesn’t bother me when I’m MAKING the bed. However changing sheets seems to trigger something in him and leaping around like a crazy cat OR just lying in the middle of everything and not allowing me to work is NIRVANA for him! Cats can be so weird!

    Hugs, Pam


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