Photo Friday: The Domesticated Cat

A few thousand years ago, cats were tolerated because they helped control the rodent population. Look at them now.

I made a meme from this photo. You can see it here.


22 thoughts on “Photo Friday: The Domesticated Cat

  1. Doug Thomas

    Mine insists on me opening the kitchen cabinets, ostensibly (I guess) to see if there are any mousies for him to pursue. He inspects inside the cabinets, one by one. This game’s been going on for years, it seems, and with it is the expectation that I praise him for being a good kitty boy, then reward with catnip or treats. Andy has me well trained. Any time I’m in the kitchen, he runs in from the other rooms to play the game. The rest of the time, he looks as useful as your kitty, above. LOL!


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