Chris’s Stressful Vet Visit

When I got home from work Tuesday I walked into the cat’s room and saw puke everywhere. I noticed puke from wet food, which might have been Frankie’s, but there was also puke from dry food, which was probably from Chris. In addition there were several areas that looked like bile. One of the pukes had something red in it, like blood but with a purple tint to it.

I then looked into the litter boxes and noticed a good sized, unburried soft poop with the same purple red coloring in it. There was also a couple of spots of the purplish blood on the side of the litter box. I took pictures but it’s nothing you would want to see.

I cleaned up all the puke and scooped the poop and ended up changing the litter in the litter box with the blood on it.

I then went back into the living room and noticed several spots of blood that were redder this time. The last spot was next to where Chris was lying in the kitchen. There was also blood on his fur near his butt.

The vet was closed so I looked online and read that blood in the stool could be a minor issue as long as it was not accompanied by a list of other symptoms, one of which was vomiting.

Chris seemed alright at the time so I thought he would be okay until morning. I called the vet and left a message that I wanted to try to get Chris in early if I could.

The next morning he seemed fine. He was eating and drinking and I saw no blood anywhere. Nevertheless, I normally leave for work at 7:45 but waited until 8:00 and called the vet. They could not see us until 4:30, which was fine since I didn’t think Chris was in distress.

I left work early and brought Chris to his appointment. When I arrived we had to park pretty far away because the parking lot was fuller than I had ever seen it.

Inside there were two people with small dogs, one of which was interested in Chris.

They put us in an exam room and I opened Chris’s crate but he was not interested in coming out.

The vet tech came in and asked a few questions and then left. A little while later she came back with the vet. I tried getting Chris out of the crate by pulling the cushion he was laying on but when he got about a third of the way out he started howling, hissing, growling and crying while putting up an incredible amount of resistance.

I don’t know what he was holding on to but I could not pull him out. I tried to reach behind him to push his butt but that had no effect. After much struggle I was finally able to remove him but then he ran under the chair to hide.

I moved the chair and the vet tech picked him up and wrapped him in a towel but it didn’t work very well. He gave her and the vet quite a fight. I kept thinking, “Oh no, they’re going to dread seeing me the next time I bring Chris in.” They’ll probably label him as “Bad Cat Chris.”

To make matters worse, while the vet tech was holding him down and the vet was trying to examine him, Chris started peeing all over the exam table. I don’t know if she was pressing on his bladder or if he was just trying every trick in the book to get free.

The exam was over about 20 minutes after we got there but we had to wait another 40 minutes before we could leave. During that time Chris actually fell asleep in his crate.

When the vet did come back he said Chris has a bacterial infection and that he was going to give us antibiotics. I told him my concern with antibiotics and he said that is why he is also giving me a probiotic. He also gave me another bottle of ear medication because Chris’s left ear is still infected.

When I went back into the waiting room there were two people there with big dogs. Both had cones on their head. I asked if they were making another Conehead movie. I don’t think anybody got the joke. I guess I’m too old.

By then it was raining very hard with thunder and lightning so the woman at the desk said I could go out the back door which would be closer to my car. Another girl led me to the door and I went out into the pouring rain with Chris.

When we got home I put him inside the kitchen and opened the crate which happened to be a short distance from the food bowl. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.


32 thoughts on “Chris’s Stressful Vet Visit

  1. easyweimaraner

    we hope the meds help and kick in and you can share good news soon …potp and all our good wishes to chris. it’s always a challenge at the vet in their waiting rooms… our vet clinic has now two waiting rooms, if cats are booked, the dog owners wait in the back room or vice versa… but we have to wait anyway in the car (we have the bad “cat” stamp too) … ;O)

  2. onespoiledcat

    Hope Chris is feeling better with his meds……sounds pretty awful really. I hope the other cats don’t get sick with the “bug”. Poor Chris – vet visits can be distressing for EVERYONE – last time we were at the vet Teddy had an “accident” on the exam table too. It took a whole roll of paper towels to soak up all that pee!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. franhunne4u

    Hey, always be positive: they could get a urine sample fresh as it comes! 😉
    Hope the antibiotics are a) easy to give to Chris (fluid ones in some wetfood) and b) effective so he gets better soon! Poor Chris and poor you

  4. iamthesunking

    Oh my, what a palaver! I imagine the vets are used to fighty patients, though. I hope Chris is feeling better soon!

  5. lois

    Poor Chris. I hope he will be OK. Meds and cats…a match made in hell, for sure. I’d have laughed at your Conehead joke. Kids nowadays…🙄

  6. databbiesotrouttowne

    dood…we haz knot been abe bull ta chill out with R palz late lee ( internetz izzuez )
    yet wanted ta send sum blessingz oh St Francis yur way. we R sorree ya had a time of it at de eeeeevil place, we hope de medz werk buddy and tell dad may bee ta switch up yur foodz that haz pro biotics inn clooded……trooth ….

    pea ezz…..Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin and Laraine Newman were the BEST!

  7. Mary McNeil

    We are sending purrayers and POTP to Chris and hope he is better soon ! Glad you were able to get him in ! Lwast Spring e went to the emerg vet when Alexander came up drooling blood (from a broken toothj, it turned out) and could not find a parking place ! Any hints as to where the purple came from ?

  8. Caren

    thank goodness he is going to be ok! How scary!!! You should get a crate that opens from the top (I have one that opens on the bottom and the top). It’s so much easier to get the cat out that way, you just reach in and lift him out. Cody used to be just like Chris (the part about eating when he got home, not the Vet part lol. Cody was an excellent patient at the Vet)…..hoping that infection clears up soon!

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Chris used to being green at the vet. He used to explore the office and he had no fear but I think lately he has learned that the vet means bad things. We have a small carrier like what you are talking about but I need to find a big one for Chris.

  9. Herman

    Wishing Chris all the best! Going to the vet with a cat is most of the time very stressful, for the cat and the human. I asked my vet to schedule a home visit this year because the car ride was so stressful for Jimi in the past. Mr. Bowie loved the car rides but Jimi, well that’s a different story…


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