Our Squirrel Feeder is for the Birds… or Vis Versa

I brought Floki to get his nails trimmed at the vet last Saturday. He actually had an appointment the Saturday before but his ability to read minds had him under the bed before we even attempted to catch him and put him in the carrier. This time we got lucky and I drove him to the vet.

Behind the counter was an office cat sitting on a cat tree intensely looking out the window like he was going to attack something. There was a window bird feeder on the window and I saw at the edge of the window a squirrel’s tail. The girl behind the counter said his name was Freddy and he loved watching the birds and squirrels. I decided then that I wanted a window bird feeder too.

I did a little research on Amazon and ended up buying this one. I also bought a bag of bird food with a high variety of seeds so that any bird who visits will find something they like. Note: these are affiliate links and I will get a very small commission if you make a purchase.

The first animal to discover the food was not a bird but a squirrel. My wife texted me the other day about how Frankie and Floki were watching it from the cat tree.

Yesterday the squirrel was back and this time I was ready with my phone to record the encounter. Unfortunately, Chris missed the whole thing because he was napping in the other room.

I am not one of those people who try desperately to keep squirrels out of my bird feeder. In fact, I like watching squirrels, and the cats really like watching squirrels, so I had no intention of trying to prevent the squirrels from reaching the feeder. That is until this morning when I noticed the squirrel was poking holes in the screen. So, reluctantly, I removed the screens.

I doubt that squirrel will be able to reach the feeder now but squirrels are pretty resourceful. Now we need to wait for the birds to find it. Perhaps I will put something out there for the squirrels in the future.

Update: After writing that last paragraph and scheduling the post, I heard a noise next to me. I looked and saw the squirrel hanging from the screen on the far left window (far right looking from the street). He was feeling for the screen on the next window. I said, “Sorry, Squirrel,” and I really felt bad for him but I needed not to because he reached up and grabbed the thin ledge between windows and managed to scurry across the windows to the feeder.

Now I either have to remove every screen in the Florida room, which I don’t want to do, or accept that the screens will eventually be ruined, which I also don’t want to do. My other two options are to put food out for the squirrels and hope they ignore the bird feeder or find something decorative that they can climb instead of our screens.


23 thoughts on “Our Squirrel Feeder is for the Birds… or Vis Versa

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          I think all our cats like to watch birds and squirrels and rabbits but only Floki gets very excited when he sees one. The other two have a mild interest.

  1. onespoiledcat

    I think the window feeders for birds are great but squirrels are VERY resourceful! We only get away with having one because it’s on the second floor window! I fully expect to see squirrels one day arriving via parachute to get at the birdfood…….

    Hugs, Pam

  2. lois

    I had squirrels chew through the screens in my porch and just eat out of the bag of birdseed I had there. Those squirrels are not going anywhere else. They have found heaven. Good luck! At least the cats are entertained.


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