There’s No Hiding the Catnip

Here is another catnip post for Throwback Thursday. This is from June of 2015. It shows that there is no good place to hide catnip.

Bad Cat Chris

A few days ago I took the blender out of the cabinet and before i could close the door, Chris was inย the cabinet. I knew getting him out would be difficult but I was certain I could lure him out with cat treats, so I took them out of the cabinet, that was right next to Chris, and made a big announcement that I had kitty treats. Puck and Frankie came running but Chris held his ground.

bad cat chris in cabinet

I passed out the treats to the boys, thinking Chris would not be able to resist, but when I looked back, he was gone. He didnโ€™t leave the cabinet but made his way the five or six feet, over all our clean dishes to the other side. The cabinet above the sink has three large doors and no dividers between them. When I opened the door on the left, there he was chewingโ€ฆ

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