Could This be the End of Outside Adventures?

Here is a post from April of 2015 for Throwback Thursday. This must be the point when I decided Frankie needed to be on a harness and leash when bringing him outside.

Bad Cat Chris

We let our cats outside again on Sunday for some backyard fun. This time nobody caught a lizard and Frankie did not get on the roof (although he came close), but there was trouble nonetheless.

Both Frankie and Chris went through the fence to the property next door and the both came back on their own but then Frankie went through the fence again and led me on a drawn out chase like last week. During these chases, I have discovered that Frankie tires a lot faster than I do and then I think that I can just wait until he is too tired to run and then scoop him up, but it is not that easy. This is because Frankie has discovered a trick from Chris’s old playbook. He crawls under cars where I can’t reach him. He did that last week and he did it again on Sunday.

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8 thoughts on “Could This be the End of Outside Adventures?

  1. databbiesotrouttowne

    dude used to do that; get under the car. although he was never outside; { his outside was the garage } he came in once with a spot of motor oil on his head … was a quick clean up for him and a call to the service shop for the car πŸ˜‰


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