An Abbey Story

Some early readers may remember Abbey. All of my pets have been special in one way or another and I would hate to pick favorites but Abbey was pretty close to the top. She suffered liver failure shortly after I started this blog and slowly lost weight. At first the reduced weight actully made her more active. I was concerned that she had gone from fat to normal but she was eating and jumping on things that she stopped jumping on when she got heavy.


I should have been more concered but I’m not sure if it would have mattered. When we finally got the diagnosis she still seemed healthy. I did not want to take away any part of her life until it was clear that she was actually suffering. That happened in October of that year, 2012.

But this post is not about the sad times, I want to talk about one of the funnier episodes involving Abbey.

One day my wife and I were sitting on the sofa wile Abbey lied on my lap, which she did quite often. We were talking about something, which I don’t remember, but it must have been a hot topic because Rose had raised he voice almost to a yell. We were not arguing but it must have sounded that way to Abbey because she got off my lap and bit Rose in the arm. She didn’t bite her hard. It was more of a warning bite.

We quickly surmised that Abbey did not want Rose to yell at me. She was acting as my protector. As an experiment, Rose started yelling at me while wagging her finger. Abbey quickly got up and bit her again.

I must admit, it feels good to have someone looking out for me. It takes me back to my youth and my dog, Tascha. I remember my dad’s friend, Jack, was teasing Tascha by pretending to want to grab my arm. He would move his hand closer to me and Tascha would growl. He would back off and then do it again. By about the fourth time Tascha just bit him. Served him right for teasing a Doberman.


26 thoughts on “An Abbey Story

  1. KDKH

    Clearly Abbey valued peace in the home, and was willing to make it happen. My guess is Rose needs to be on her toes! Did Abbey ever protect Rose when you were the one raising your voice?

  2. Summer

    Aww, how nice that Abbey was your protector. I take a different tactic. One time my human and her ex-boyfriend were arguing about something (nothing really serious, but they were sorta mad at the time). They were standing in the bedroom and I was on the bed, so I started rolling around and acting cute and funny to distract them. Which it did!


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