Taking Back the House

If you didn’t read my last post, we had guests for a long weekend. They arrived Thursday afternoon and are planning on leaving this morning. In the meantime, the cats have been relegated to the upstairs while the dogs have the downstairs.

Chris was perfectly fine with this arrangement, probably because he needed an excuse to not drag is 20 pound body up and down the stairs. Frankie and floki were not as happy about the arrangement. Floki would sneak downstairs sometimes when nobody was around but Frankie would not put up with any restrictions.

I think he felt like this is his house and he’s not going to let any dogs push him around.

There were a few near altercations but there was always someone around to stop it before it got too far. Personally, I think the dog was lucky.

Amazingly, by Friday night Frankie was in the living room lying on the chair while the two dogs were each on one of the sofas.

There were a few more scuffles on Saturday but the living room scene repeated that night with Frankie on the chair and the dogs on the sofa.

Of course, I don’t want to see any fights, but I was a little proud of how Frankie stood his ground to protect his territory. It is his house and if he wanted to be downstairs he was going to be downstairs.

Has anyone else had issues with dogs being introduced to cats?


28 thoughts on “Taking Back the House

  1. Doug Thomas

    My kitties never met dogs in a “social” situation, just at the veterinarian’s. In those encounters, one or both were in carriers. They never acted like the dogs were a threat – no hissing or nervous behavior. I suspect they would have tolerated dogs sniffing them or behavior curious, but they all had/have intact ‘murder mittens” to deal with dogs that don’t know better manners1 As for the dogs and Chris, of course he was a good kitty with dogs!

  2. onespoiledcat

    Teddy has “met” dogs at the vet’s office and there’s never been an issue – he’s used to seeing dogs as our neighbors have two dogs and an invisible fence to keep them on their own property. Ted often watches them and in the vet office he just sits quietly and watches. Bravo for Frankie stepping up to protect his family and property from the introooooders!!!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Timmy Tomcat

    Frankie is in his rights to protect His House and let them know that they are only visitors. That his tail is non-poofed was a good sign that he was being a strong man cat rather than a crazed kitty. Great work Frankie and everyone now things are back to better

  4. Summer

    Frankie let those dogs know whose house it was! I’m okay with dogs, since most of the dogs I’ve met are therapy dogs. I’m not sure how I’d feel about a dog in the house, though.

  5. iamthesunking

    They weren’t “introduced” as such but you know about Louis Catorze’s comedic capers with Oscar the dog. Good for Frankie for standing his ground!

  6. The Hinoeuma

    Go Frankie!

    Ollie hasn’t ever been around dogs…to my knowledge. He was a rescue but, not from a shelter. A family with seven cats in the house gave Ollie up for adoption (long story). My buddy Ray has a Husky-mix dog (Rusty…I named him) and, he is known for going after cats and killing chickens. He is not allowed in the house. I don’t know how Ollie would react to a dog, nice or otherwise. He is 20lbs just like Chris so, he’d have no trouble defending himself against a smaller dog.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      The shelter that I volunteered at at dogs and cats. They never actually saw each other but the cats had to deal with the continuous barking of the dogs. I’m sure any cat coming out of that shelter would at least be somewhat used to dogs. I have no doubt that our cats could defend themselves against smaller dogs and even medium sized dogs but I would worry about big dogs. The dog that Frankie stand up to was a big dog and I worried that that dogwood white Frankie even though he was sent to me gentle. He seemed like he wanted to play with Frankie but who knows how rough he would be.


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