Another Scare From Frankie

Frankie is like the child who keeps his parents on edge by constantly participating in risky or foolish behavior. This time it happened Thursday evening while I was in the kitchen.

I had a pot of corn-on-the-cob boiling on the stove when Frankie suddenly developed the zoomies. He came barreling into the kitchen, jumped on the small ledge between the stove and the refrigerator, pushed the pot over several inches, and then quickly jumped down.

I took the photo below a short time later. The stove was off when the picture was taken but imagine a red hot burner and think of where Frankie’s right paw might have landed for him to hit the pot hard enough to push it across half the burner.

I, of course, feared that he might have seriously burned his paw so I quickly picked him up and held him so my wife could examine it. She saw nothing wrong. Nevertheless, I watched him for a while but he did not seem bothered by it so I decided he got off lucky this time.

My real concern is what is he going to do next to scare us? How am I ever going to cook again without worrying about where Frankie is and what he is doing? Can anyone relate to this?


40 thoughts on “Another Scare From Frankie

  1. Kitties Blue

    Yep, our mom can. Angel Chloe was always around the stove, which was gas (still is, and actually burnt some of her whiskers off. Maybe Frankie needs to be closed in another room when you cook! Good luck. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

  2. onespoiledcat

    Yikes. Fortunately Angel Sammy never did hop up on a counter or tabletop…..and Teddy has never done that either. He likes to jump up on the picnic table in the back yard but he has the bench to use as a “halfway” point to get to the tabletop which is one of his favorite lounge spots. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to cook AND monitor the cats to make sure one of them didn’t get hurt……..maybe Janet’s suggestion of putting Frankie in another room when the stove is one is a good one!!!!!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. franhunne4u

    Thankfully Kessy never has discvoered the top of the counters in the kitchen – she is rarely in the kitchen at all and most of the times supervised. I normally close my kitchen door when I am not in the kitchen – and sometimes when I am cooking or baking, too. She is genuinely interested in the oven. And as I know cats have a belated reaction to heat I am really cautious with her there..

      1. franhunne4u

        One of thoe reasons why I’m not too much a fan of open plan living. The other being cooking smells. We’re not living in the dark ages anymore when they only had one room for everything.

  4. lois

    My cats love to be in the kitchen so we sometimes close them in their room. Once out, they jump on the kitchen bar and have to cross the stove to get to the sink (one of their favorite places). But somehow, they know if the stove is/was hot and they run (I mean run!) across it. No burns so far, but it still worries me. Good luck with Frankie.

      1. lois

        It’s one of those solid surface stovetops. Totally smooth–which makes it easy for the cats to walk on, but keeps me on edge.

  5. Caren

    I can totally relate! Roary is a dare-devil. Cody was placid and my Bobo was placid but Roary has to be in the middle of EVERYTHING! I have an appliance called the POWER XL, it air fries, bakes, roasts, grills, slow cooks etc. Often when I use that (and sometimes when I am cooking on top of the stove), I confine Roary in the bedroom. He also is often in the bedroom because he has tried to run out 3 times. He actually likes it there, he has 2 beds of his own, our bed, I give him his treat dispenser, he has toys and his litter box is in the adjoining bathroom It’s like a little apartment. Roary HAS jumped up on the stove many times and has just missed burning himself. I think putting him in the room is one of the safest things I can do.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Roary sounds like a real challange. I think you are right to keep him in the bedroom when you are cooking. Maybe someday he will slow down and you won’t have to worry so much. It happened to Chris but Frankie is ten years old and still a kitten at heart.

  6. The Island Cats

    Frankie, you’re gonna give your humans a heart attack! Y’know…I once jumped up onto the stove when the burners were still hot and I did burn my paw pads. Fortunately, the burns weren’t too bad. ~Ernie

  7. Doug Thomas

    I have a horror of something like that happening with my kitty boy, Andy. When they get the zoomies, it seems impossible they can come to a quick stop if they make it into dangerous territory. Thank goodness Frankie missed harm!

  8. The Hinoeuma

    This is a problem I have never had. My first two cats (Mousey & Buddy) I raised from kittens and I trained them not to jump on furniture. If Mommy can’t walk or sit on something, neither can you. Pooh never tried. He had other issues with his spine (still have arm scars). Clark never tried (previous training from the across the street neighbors, I assume). I suspect Ollie hops on the dinner table or the coffee table when we are asleep. He occasionally attempts (when he momentarily forgets we are in the room) to hop on something and he gets the “mom look.” “Ollie. You better get off that table…” He gets the “oh s***” look, squeaks at me (you know, the teenager going “what?”) and quickly hops down.

    Mousey was headstrong. I had to train her with a water bottle. Her name is an end product of her sound. Her given name was Samantha & I also had her sister, Cleopatra (their mom was a Siamese mix). Sam never could “meow”. It was a squeak, then “ow.” I wound up calling her Squeaky Mouse, then, just Mousey. Her sister, Patra for short, was a huge problem. She was a disaster and completely untrainable. I placed an ad in the paper for a new home. I got a phone call from a couple that had a house full of Siamese (Patra had the markings but, Mousey looked like a Tabby). They seemed really excited when I said she had white feet (apparently “snowshoe” Seal Point Siamese are rare?). They were clearly more equipped to handle her than I was.

    I love fur babies but, I won’t allow the utter destruction of my living quarters. So, from our previous conversation, no, I haven’t always “been lucky” with cats. This post is the first for me to bring forward the one issue I did have. I only had Patra for two weeks but, up until this point, I never thought it would be relevant.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      It is good to train them from the start and our cats were always trained to stay off the counters. That is until Chris came along. We fought with him over and over for a couple of years but he would not learn. We tried tin foil, we tried the water bottle, we tried yelling. He would jump down but two minutes later he was up again. Eventually we raised the white flag in defeat. That is why our cats get on the counters today, because Chris defeated us.

  9. databbiesotrouttowne

    dood….ewe R gonna givez yur mom and dad a stroke ore sum thin…

    round heer we iz obsezzed with chewin all thingz electic…..most lee me…tuna….sew while knot de same…. itz kinda de same

    sew now NOTHIN iz plugged…in….NOTHIN ~~~~~

  10. Pamela

    Wow! That must have been really scary. I hope that he learned a lesson perhaps if he did feel some heat on his paw. I feel your anxiety about this!


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