Bad Cat Frankie

This is a post from late 2014 for Throwback Thursday. The only thing that has changed since then is our house.

Bad Cat Chris

Frankie has been a real pain lately. If you read my post, We’ve Created a Monster, you know it started when Frankie escaped briefly on Thanksgiving and then got worse after I decided to put a harness on him and let him outside.

It seems that whenever we are in the living room, Frankie is there batting at the vertical blinds or digging his claws into the screen. I decided after that post to stop bringing him outside. I thought he would eventually forget about it and stop being such an annoying pest but things don’t always go as planned.

Our cat Frankie picking at the screens

When Rose and Icome home together it is easier to double team the cats to keep them from running out. Chris has always been great at sneaking out the door but we have adjusted to his little tricks. Unfortunately, now that Frankie is aggressively trying to get out as…

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9 thoughts on “Bad Cat Frankie

  1. The Hinoeuma

    Lordy. My indoor/outdoor cats stayed close, particularly my two middle cats that were cat-door trained. My Ollie is 95% indoor kitty. He slipped out the side door, once and it wasn’t but a few minutes that he was crying to get back in. He likes to go out if I am out. He freaks if left out by himself. When I want him to go back in, I open the door and say “back in.” He’ll bitch a bit (mew-mew) but, if he doesn’t move, a foot stomp and he’s in.

      1. The Hinoeuma

        I guess I am. My first two, I raised from kittens but, #2…Buddy…did manage to rip down an entire Christmas tree all by himself when he was about 12 weeks old. Pooh was just happy to have attention and, all three of them weren’t interested in litter boxes. Outdoors was fine.

        Clark wasn’t mine but, he loved being with us and apparently had some training from the neighbors across the street. He was the first one I kept a box for.

        Ollie…well…he was in a house full of cats and is quite happy being the only kitty to be doted on. He does require a rather larger litter box, tho…and slings litter all over the place. At least he uses it. No accidents, anywhere…except the occasional hairball barf. 😁

          1. The Hinoeuma

            Yeah. Ollie wouldn’t go in if it had a cover. The smaller box I had for Clark was actually under a spare “dinner table” chair (long story). He didn’t seem to mind…of course, he was much smaller than Ollie.

              1. The Hinoeuma

                Yep. That sounds like Ollie. I knew the litter box I still had from the Clark days (still miss him) was too small for Ollie but, he can still make a mess with this big one. And, it’s one of those boxes for corners (triangular). You’d think he was covering elephant turds and needed to dig to China to do so! LOL!


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