That’s My Lap

For Throwback Thursday here is a post that talks about how jealous Chris is. Things have not changed since then. He still does exactly the same thing.

Bad Cat Chris

Some say cats don’t feel jealousy but I don’t believe it. Chris shows every sign of being more jealous than almost any human I know.  A good example of that would be when another cat lies on my lap. If Chris sees that, he will immediately get on my lap too and he always places himself between me and the other cat.

Cats Chris and Frankie

The good news is that Chris is not mean about it. It’s not like he caught his wife with another man. It is more like he caught his wife with the last bag of potato chips and he wants her to share before they are gone.

By the way, my blog post about my vacation is finally out. If anyone is interested, click here.

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23 thoughts on “That’s My Lap

  1. onespoiledcat

    Ted has never been a lap guy……..Sammy wasn’t either – but he did like to lie all cozied up to my leg when I was on my recliner. Teddy has always liked his own space (maybe that’s good since he’s such a big guy!!!).

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Leah

    My mother always said cats were jealous animals and I believe it! I’m very familiar with that same routine. One cat is in place, another hops on and gets fur in my face trying to be closer than the original cat! LOL

  3. Timmy Tomcat

    We definitely feel jealousy. Well I dont but Einstein does big time and so does Rumpy. They will stick their nose anywhere another one of us is getting attention

  4. iamthesunking

    Louis Catorze certainly shows displeasure if he’s having Boys’ Club time with his daddy and I appear. It’s not so much “jealousy”, more “deep resentment and an urge to kill”, really. 😐

  5. KDKH

    Nami, our 16-year-old cat is very jealous of our newest, 2-year-old-cat, Gracie. If Nami sees Gracie near me, she narrows her eyes and comes over in a fighting mood! Now, at our house, fighting is growling with a swat. No real tussles, but her consistency makes me think she is jealous. I can find them together just fine, as long as I wasn’t there with them. Cats have all the emotions, I think, not just a few!


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