I Survived a Hotel Night With Bad Cat Chris

Our cats were so happy when we got to the hotel yesterday. Well, okay, once Frankie and Floki decided to remove themselves from under the sofa, then they were happy.

We were happy too. Our trip was extremely unpleasant and way longer than Google predicted. I don’t want to do that ever again and yet, here we go for day two.

We went to bed relatively early last night, before 9:00, but because we were not able to shut the bedroom door, Chris spent the night bothering me. He bothered Rose too but his focus was on preventing me from sleeping.

I don’t know how many times I put Chris off the bed or pushed him to the foot of the bed where Frankie and Floki were quietly behaving. Each time he would stay away for some time between ten seconds and then minutes and then he would be back clawing, scratching, biting or lying on my head.

Not long after 3:00 a.m. Rose decided to get up because she couldn’t sleep. I was so tired I didn’t want to get up with her so she fed the cats hoping that would distract Chris. That worked for about two minutes and then he was back bothering me. After ten minutes I couldn’t take it any longer and put him off the bed ad tried to go back to sleep.

I then heard the sound of a cat digging in the litter box and my wife laughing. Of course I had to know what was so funny so she told me what Chris was doing so I had to turn to see for myself.

I should say that I bought a small, disposable litter box for the trip and then decided it was too small and bought a small non disposable litter box with a small bag of litter. Chris was in the bigger of the two boxes pushing all the litter out and the trying to scoop litter into the box from the smaller box.

Now that I am up Chris decided to take a nap next to me. Why couldn’t he do that last night.


20 thoughts on “I Survived a Hotel Night With Bad Cat Chris

  1. onespoiledcat

    HAHAHA (sorry for giggling but GEE!). Chris is more than a little unsure of what’s happening I guess….at least the other two are hanging in there. Just keep telling yourself “TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE TRIP”……..good luck cleaning up the litter!!!!


  2. Summer

    OMC, Chris is WAY messier than I am in hotels! Although my human does lay down a puppy pad to catch litter that finds its way out of the box. Also, I’m very good about sleeping with my human when I’m at home, but in hotels, I am so excited, I get up extra early, purring and bothering her.

  3. Timmy Tomcat

    Hee Hee that Chris knows what he wants and he wants attention and will get it no matter what it takes. That is until nature calls and then there just isn’t enough litter in the world. Yeah we have a deep digger here too.

  4. The Hinoeuma

    That’s fascinating. I know it’s aggravating but, interesting nonetheless. I wonder if he wanted all the litter in one box for comfort or if he was just amusing himself.

    My Ollie is such a big boy, he has to have a extra large, high walled box and he still manages to sling litter all over the place and scratches a small recycling bin next to it. He is a huge sack of potatoes kitty.


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