Photo Friday: Kittens at the Shelter

Since I am taking a break from volunteering due to our pending move, I thought I would share some memories from the shelter. Here are three kittens. I do not know if they are siblings. They probably are but sometimes more than one litter is put in the same pod.

These photos were taken six weeks ago so I am sure they have homes by now. If you want to see cute cats and kittens like these on a regular basis, I would recommend volunteering at a shelter. Sometimes all they need is someone to pay attention to the animals there. Bring a coffee with you and it would be like going to a cat café for free.


18 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Kittens at the Shelter

  1. onespoiledcat

    What cuties – I hope they are all in a forever home – maybe together! You’re right – visting a shelter can be super helpful for shelter personnel AND give us a bit of fun interfacing with the “residents”. They need human interaction and to know they are cared for – shelters do a good job but the more people these little guys are exposed to, the better! Thanks for the photos.



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