Fearless Cats

I hope all of our American friends had a great Fourth of July. I know it can be a difficult day for people with pets, but our pets are not normal.

I vacuumed the house in the morning while Chris and Frankie were napping in the Florida room. They weren’t bothered by the noise in the slightest.

Later that evening is when the fireworks started. Judging by the sound, a very close neighbor spent a fortune on fireworks. I think it peaked around 9:30 when there was a continuous stream of loud bangs over our house but all of our cats were napping on our bed like nothing was going on.

How did your pets handle the Fourth of July?


22 thoughts on “Fearless Cats

  1. onespoiledcat

    Lucky you! We had a similar neighbor to yours who obviously is a bazillionaire and spent his fortune in illegal fireworks. Noisy all evening and Ted was not a happy boy. Neither were we actually because it was impossible to sleep until well after midnight! Thankfully July 4th is FINISHED!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. claire93

    lol. One of our cats runs from the room before I’ve even plugged the vacuum cleaner in, but the other two don’t seem to mind the noise. However whenever there’s a storm brewing, or fireworks, they all go into hiding.

  3. loisajay

    Someone very close by had fireworks going until about 9:30, but my cats were on the bed, oblivious to it all. I was nervous about the outdoor cats, but they stopped by for breakfast this morning. Guess they found a place to hide while all the mayhem was going on last night.

  4. Summer

    It was really bad here this year with the fireworks! My human kept me distracted so I didn’t care all that much. Boodie is deaf, so she slept through it all.

  5. The Island Cats

    Check those cats’ hearing! MOL! We had a lot of fireworks and firecrackers going off all last night but they weren’t that close to us so it wasn’t real loud and we weren’t bothered too much.

  6. Susan

    We only have fireworks on Christmas, New Year and Sinulog. All my cats go on high alert and hide under the bed if left on their own. I have to play music for anxious cats and stay in the room with them so they come out.


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