Patio Life

This is from 2014 for Throwback Thursday. Back then we had a nice patio for the cats. Hopefully, someday we will again.

Bad Cat Chris

Here on the west coast of Florida, it gets pretty hot in the summer. It seems almost every afternoon the temperature is at or near 95 degrees Fahrenheit. There is also a high humidity in the summer that makes being outside during midday quite unpleasant. We try to limit our outdoor activities to the mornings or late afternoons.

Chris and Puck feel that way too. Often they use that time to nap on the sofa or, in Chris’s case, find a human to bother. Frankie is different. I often look out the window to see him napping on the patio during the hottest part of the afternoon. He must be part camel or something because he spends much of his day outside in the heat and does not seem to be bothered by it in the least. Perhaps he still retains some of the traits of his distant ancestor, the African Wildcat.

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13 thoughts on “Patio Life

  1. onespoiledcat

    Teddy loves being in the heat………I think you’re right – cats are closer to their ancestry than we realize – desert heat and sun don’t seem to phase some of them!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. loisajay

    My cats look for the smallest sliver of sun in the kitchen and will lay there and move around to stay in the sun. Floor, table, countertops….take your pick. If there is sun, there is a cat. I love the photo of Frankie sitting in the bowl.


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