Photo Friday: Yoda and Jerry

Shortly after moving to South Carolina in 2009, I started volunteering at a shelter called Sav-R-Cats. It is the shelter where we adopted Chris from but before that, I took photos of cats for their Petfinder page. At the time the shelter had several community rooms and a few large cages. When the volunteers came in, those rooms were mostly emptied and all the cats were allowed to socialize in the main part of the shelter. Some cats stayed outside of the cages, even at night. Two of those cats were best friends Yoda and Jerry, who arrived at the shelter in 2006.

Yoda and Jerry, October 3, 2009

I saw on their Facebook page that Jerry passed away a couple of weeks ago having never been adopted. I believe Yoda is still alive and still at the shelter but I don’t know for sure. I asked about Yoda but have not yet got a response.

I’m not sure why those two were never adopted. Some cats are just not adoptable and end up living out there lives at a no-kill shelter. I don’t know if that was the case with these two. It is possible they could not be separated and needed to go together which can make adoption more difficult. Perhaps, after a while, they just became resident cats, which really isn’t such a bad life considering they had the run of the shelter.

If Yoda is still alive, I am concerned what he will do without Jerry. Perhaps it is time for a loving home.


19 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Yoda and Jerry

  1. onespoiledcat

    Oh that makes me sad about Yoda losing his friend Jerry…..all that time together with his friend in the shelter and now he’s gone. It’s hard to imagine being left in a shelter for years and years….but they had each other. Maybe Yoda has been adopted or is officially a shelter kitty ambassador. I hope so.


    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I feel really bad. Loosing a best friend that you lived with for over 13 years would be like losing a spouse. It might be worse because Yoda may not understand what happened to Jerry.

  2. catladymac

    We hope all goes well for Yoda. If he was with Jerry at the end, it’s probable he knew something was wrong and was able to say good-bye. Doesn’t mean he won’t be terrible lonely of course.

  3. Summer

    It’s so sad when kitties stay at shelters for years without ever finding homes. At the one my human volunteered at for a while, there were two like that. I’m not sure if they were related, or if they just came from the same household (I think their human either passed away or went into a nursing home). They never found a home, and then one passed away, and then a year or so later, so did the other one. 😦

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