The Most Annoying Cat in the World

The Most Annoying Cat in the World is a bold statement and I have no real evidence to support that there is not another cat more annoying than Chris but, in my mind at least, I can’t imagine anyone could beat him at the annoyance game.

Here are just two examples of how annoying Chris can be. Keep in mind that he is also the most affectionate cat in the world, according to me, so that tends to cancel out the annoying factor.

Here are more videos that I have shown before but are worth repeating.

What do you think? Do you have an annoying cat?


23 thoughts on “The Most Annoying Cat in the World

  1. foguth

    Chris has nothing on Luigi, who was the most obnoxious cat imaginable. She was rarely nice, which is probably why my boss, who couldn’t deal with her & knew I loved cats, put a big red bow on her and gave her to me for Christmas…. Worst Christmas gift ever! She despised it when company came over and showed her displeasure by marching into the kitchen and using my kitchen rug as a litter box …. mind you, she marched past the bathroom, where the litter box was located to do this.

  2. onespoiledcat

    HAHAHA! Great videos……Chris is definitely an attention seeker that’s for sure. About the leg biting – Sammy was weird about legs…….I learned early on that I couldn’t come out of the bathroom after a shower without wrapped my legs in a towel first – he had a REAL THING for bare skin and I got my share of scratches before the old towel trick. Did that for 16 years.

    Hugs, Pam


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