Chris Goes Back to the Vet Again

Early this week, perhaps Sunday, my wife and I came home and saw puke all over the kitchen table. There was a mixed bouquet of flowers on the table and I saw some green specs in the puke so I assumed someone was chewing on the flowers and got sick. I immediatly threw away the flowers but I probably should have photographed them first to determine if any were toxic to cats.

It wasn’t long before we realized it was Chris who was puking because he continued to puke bile the rest of the day. He seemed otherwise okay and he was eating and drinking so I decided to just keep an eye on him.

Throughout the week he would give me cause for concern but then he would be extremely annoying which made me happy because that was normal behavior for him. By Friday he was still puking occasionally and I was concerned because we are leaving for St. Augustine this morning for a few days for my wife’s birthday and I didn’t want to have to worry about him while I was away, so I called the vet and scheduled an appointment for Friday afternoon.

When we got to the vet, the vet tech took him into the other room to weigh him. He was still a student and had a lot to learn about handling cats. When he brought him back he told me he weighed 19.5 pounds which is one pound less then his last vet visit.

When the vet came it to check on Chris, he resisted and had a death grip on the edge of the table. The vet tech could not move his paws away so I had to step in to help. The tech then tried to hold him down after the vet was done checking his stomach, which I didn’t understand. I stepped in and said, “Hold on!” I then looked at the vet and said, “Can I take him?” With a nod from the vet I picked him up and put him on my lap.

The story of the flowers came up and the vet said toxic plants could have affected his kidney and liver. I asked if it would still affect him so many days later and he said it could. He wanted to get a blood test to be sure and so they took Chris back in the other room for a very long time.

When they returned, the vet said they were able to give him a shot for nausea but were not able to get a blood sample because Chris was being extremely uncooperative. So we left without knowing anything for sure.

I was told to keep an eye on him for loss of appetite and lethargy. So far he seems okay. We talked about him with our neighbor who will be watching the cats while we are away. We also gave her a credit card and emergency vet information just in case. Hopefully nothing will happen while we are gone, or even after we return. I don’t like worrying about Chris and it is especially hard knowing we will be away during a troubling time.


42 thoughts on “Chris Goes Back to the Vet Again

  1. onespoiledcat

    Hopefully whatever was in his system from chewing (flowers or whatever) is out now and no permanent damage done. I admit to being extra careful about plants and flowers – even though Teddy has never hopped up on a counter or table in his 3 years with us ! I hope you and Rose can relax and enjoy a few days off without worrying about Chris – good to have a caring neighbor keeping an eye on him!


  2. kittiesblue

    Praying none of the flowers Chris munched were toxic. Really a shame the vet could not get blood. I know you both will worry about Chris while you are away, but I sure hope that Rose can enjoy her birthday. I am sure you will be calling your neighbor to check on him. Will keep Chris in my prayers. Thanks for the Christmas cards. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thanks so much. Chris can really be stubborn. When we first had his ears looked at they gave us a cleaning solution and I paid them to clean his ears while he was there but they couldn’t do it.

  3. franhunne4u

    We are always worrying for our feline overlords, aren’t we? No matter how annoying they are. POTP for Chris. Felines are rather sturdy, so let’s hope he gets better at annoying you when you are back. Have a lovely trip and all the best for your spouse.

  4. cat9984

    Even if it was toxic, it sounds like Chris is getting it out of his system. Unless he ate a lot of it, vomiting is an early sign of poisoning, but if you haven’t seen anything worse recently, it’s a good sign

  5. Crystal

    Will continue to pray for him. If you’re wondering how did she know? Actually, I didn’t. I just pray for all the animals in the world generally and that the ones that are sick get better and all animals get furrever homes.
    Sounds like Vet tech needs to learn how to handle animals.
    Sending Purrs and Prayers to you and Chris.

  6. caren gittleman

    Praying Chris is ok. You hopefully have dodged a huge bullet. I have posted lists of toxic plants/flowers many times (each year I repeat a post about a little boy who lost his cat due to the cat eating flowers)………when that happened I never, ever, ever bring live flowers or plants into our home. I know you didn’t have a problem in the past (from what I read), but I prefer to be beyond anal and not give a possible heartbreak a chance to occur. My Angel Bobo never ate plants/flowers (and frankly I didn’t know about toxicity with him, it was before my blogging days)………Cody eats plastic, paper, anything at all…haven’t given him a chance to see if flowers suit his fancy……..not worth the risk. My husband used to LOVE to send me flowers, I stopped that YEARS ago. I keep plants/flowers outside in the Spring/Summer for my “fix” Once again, I pray Chris is ok.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thanks so much, Caren. Cats eating flowers have never really been much of an issue in our house so I tried to be conscious of not bringing in toxic plants but I don’t always think about it when I buy a mixed bouquet. That will change in the future.

  7. Timmy Tomcat

    We send our purrs and prayers for Chris. It is so difficult when a cat is ill as they can seem to be alright and then puke and it seems a cat thing to do. I see there have been other comments that if you throw up you get the toxins out of your system which is true. Then again it could be he ate the flowers for an unrelated tummy trouble stimulate his getting cleared out. You never know what could be the cause of something. We just had a can of friskies that the cats only lapped at and then left alone. This never happens so I figured it was a “Bad can” and threw it out. Now all food is gone so. Purrs Chris Buddy feel better soon

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