Our Notorious Cat

Frankie has developed quite the reputation in our neighborhood for being the escape artist cat. He has escaped many times lately and people are beginning to notice.

The other day, my wife was outside when the mailman came and he asked her, “Are you looking for Frankie again?” She told me the mailman helped her catch Frankie one day. She also said the UPS driver knocks on the door when delivering a package and says “Watch out for Frankie!” when she opens the door.

Frankie escaped last week and disappeared for an hour and a half. I searched the area for him three times without success. On one of those searches, my next door neighbor saw me and asked, “Did Frankie get out again?”

He escaped on Thanksgiving when company arrived. He waited across the street until I got close enough and then bolted across the field like a cheetah until he reached the neighborhood sales office. There he hopped up onto a tree just low enough for me to grab him and carry him home.

My mother is in town so we decided to go out to breakfast with her yesterday, among other things, but Frankie slipped out and disappeared. We waited for him for a while and then ended up eating breakfast at home. He did come back once and I let Chris out hoping that would distract him enough for me to catch him. It didn’t. He again disappeared for about 45 minutes. When he finally returned he walked in the house when I opened the door like nothing had happened.

Frankie reminds me a lot of Chris in his heyday. The main difference is Chris almost always stayed close to home while Frankie goes off to who knows where. My biggest concerns are people that drive like idiots and coyotes. I keep hoping he will slow down like Chris did but there are no signs of that.


26 thoughts on “Our Notorious Cat

  1. onespoiledcat

    I’m glad the neighbors know about your escape artist – at least they know him and won’t call animal control, etc. I think they would even help him in a dangerous situation too since they know him. He’s determined to have his way though isn’t he! Thankfully Teddy totally gets the fact that he can’t go out when any of our doors open – he knows he has to be with one of us. Frankie is an independent guy!


  2. Summer

    My human had a cat a long time ago that would sometimes storm the door when it opened. She wound up shutting him in a room whenever she had to get the door.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Frankie Hines where you can see him. Usually it is under the table. We often think he’s nowhere around and then we are shocked when he’s running out the door.

  3. catladymac

    “Invisible Fence” (that’s the brand name) can also be used for cats. Frankie taking off for parts unknown is a real worry. Is he microchipped ? You are lucky to have such good neighbors and delivery people.

  4. iamthesunking

    Naughty boy! Perhaps he and Louis Catorze have been communicating telepathically and Frankie has learned to teleport.

  5. Timmy Tomcat

    Dad has a vestibule that is the saving of him as if Rumpy got out he would be long gone. We suggest putting a squirty bottle at the door and not letting Frankie anywhere near

  6. Feral cats' videos

    I had a cat who used to climb the plastic fence I made for her and go outside at night, roaming the yard and the neighbor’s yards all night long. She only came home to eat and even slept outside, and she was a house cat, part Persian. And now I have cats who spend most of their time indoors, although they were born on the streets and lived there most their lives. Every cat has a different approach to life, I guess.


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