Cat and Mouse Toy

My wife ordered a cat toy recently and it arrived Monday. The actual name of the toy is not on the box. It just says “Dougez Cat.”

I asked my wife who she ordered it from but she couldn’t remember. The closest I could find was here on Amazon but there is no mention of “Dougez.” I’m sure it is made in China and whoever is selling it puts their name on it.

It has three speeds and shuts off after ten minutes. I turned it on using the slowest speed and watched to see what our cats would do.

The toy is suppose to promote exercise but our cats seemed to take a more passive interest, especially Chris who played with it while lying down.

I would not call this toy a great success but it is not a failure either. After two days Chris still sometimes asks for it to be turned on so he can play with it while lying down. In terms of health benefits though, it’s right up there with John Madden Football.


26 thoughts on “Cat and Mouse Toy

  1. weggieboy

    I’m reminded of another cat toy that promised to exercise one’s cat… Both Andy and Dougy played with it stretched out next to it, letting the lure come to them. I think the only way to get a cat moving is to be personally involved in play with them. That of course, means you can’t sit on your butt in a chair flopping the toy around to try to get the kitties excited enough to get off their butts to work up a kitty sweat! LOL!

  2. Feral cats' videos

    The cats seem interested, though. Every cat will react differently. The cat I used to have was hyper and would chase everything. I got it an electronic mouse that can run, and my cat had chased it from one side of the room to another, grab it with his teeth, throw it up into the air, and then clap his paws together as the mouse went down. He had destroyed that mouse completely, tore its eye out and messed up its tail, and the mouse was running kind of funny.


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