Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Today is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day and we have loved and appreciated all of our ginger cats, starting with Tigger who we adopted in 2005.

After Tigger we adopted Chris in 2009 and you all know how that turned out.

2014 brought us Frankie who is both affectionate and naughty, like Chris only maybe not quite at Chris’s level.

Our cat Frankie on roof

I don’t think there is a need for Ginger Cat Appreciation Day since, I am sure, all of you with ginger cats already appreciate them.


33 thoughts on “Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

  1. Dennis

    Like all cats, they’re very special in their own way too. Gingers are definitely beautiful cats.

    If I ever get rich and if I can afford a large villa, I’ll get them all… Tuxedos, Tabbys, Gingers, Calicos and so on 😀

      1. Dennis

        Honestly, I’d build a huge animal shelter with an outdoor enclosure near my villa. Here locally the animal shelters look pretty desolate. Not only would it help animals, it would also keep me busy. I think even if we get rich, we still need something we strive for… it’s just that we would have much more possibilities to develop or follow our own ideas. I think I really would go all-in with animal welfare. 😀 Two weeks ago we had 90 million in the lottery jackpot and that would have been enough to do things like that… I thought I buy a ticket but didn’t win. So…


        1. Charles Huss Post author

          A few years ago I thought about starting my own animal welfare non profit organization. I almost did too. I filled out the paperwork but then realized the cost was more than expected. I have enough money now but no longer live close to the people I wanted to work with.

          1. Dennis

            Yeah, I think it’s not working without donations. I saw a blogpost last month of an animal shelter in Paderborn and thought the post was interesting. They speak about 35.000,00 € of monthly costs or 420.000,00 € each year. That’s insane. They make losses but they get 1/3 of their money from bills paid by the city Paderborn, and the other 2/3 are commissions when pets are sold and donations or membership fees. Some other interesting facts are that they need 2400 kg of cat litter each month and 2120 kg animal food. The food donations they receive are not enough, they still need to purchase extra food.


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