Our New Easy-On Cat Harness

For Throwback Thursday I thought I would share a post I did almost exactly four years ago. It is when I bought Frankie’s harness that he still uses today.

Bad Cat Chris

After the trouble Frankie caused for me during the last couple of cat outings, I decided it was time to put him back on a harness. The harness he had was just too hard to put on a struggling cat so I looked for a harness that was very easy to put on. I found one from a company called Bark Appeal. Judging by the name, I assume it is a dog harness but it also works for cats. This harness has two Velcro strips and putting it on is just a matter of wrapping it around his neck and abdomen.

Bark Appeal cat and dog harness

Frankie seemed perfectly fine wearing it. He made no attempt to get out of it and gave no indication that it might be uncomfortable. I bought the mesh version because I thought it would be cooler and lighter but there were other fabric choices. I also got a size large…

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8 thoughts on “Our New Easy-On Cat Harness

  1. The Island Cats

    I want to try Ernie in a harness. Last time I did, he freaked out…I’m hoping he’ll be more accepting. Wally loved his harness because it meant he got to go outside…which he loved to do.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      It’s worth another try. Puck used to love going outside but after we moved I had to use a harness for him. The first attempt ended in failure because a car drove by when I opened the door and it freaked him out. He never wanted to go out again until we built the catio but he died a couple of days after that.

  2. onespoiledcat

    That’s the type of harness we got for Teddy – different brand but same idea. Sure is easy to put on and he can’t get out of it. We had to get Extra Large for BIG TED!!

    Hugs, Pam


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