Preparing for the Holidays . . . with Cats

It used to be that the holiday season started with Thanksgiving but everyone knows that retailers have pushed it back to about mid-July. In my house, it starts when the Hallmark Channel starts showing Christmas movies. You know the ones. Girl has good job in New York, travels to small town, meets man, falls in love, quits job, stays in small town. Anyway, that is when my wife starts to get excited about the season.

This year there is even more of an urgency to prepare for the holidays. Rose’s son and his girlfriend, who is not his girlfriend (it’s complicated), are flying in tomorrow. They will stay for his birthday on the 18th and for Thanksgiving before leaving the following Friday. So, obviously, it is important to have things ready.

The first thing to prepare for was the annual cookie bake extravaganza which includes pumpkin rolls and Chex mix. Before that could be started, Rose had to set the oven to “clean.” That caused our house to be a bit stinky so I opened some windows to air it out a little. Of course, that did not go unnoticed by our cats.

cats looking out window

Next was our Christmas tree, which I kept stored in a large zippered bag. before I could even finish unpacking it, Chris managed to crawl inside. Naturally, that got the attention of Floki and Frankie.

Then we had to get out the decorations which meant plenty of opportunities to investigate or just lay in a box.

cats into Christmas decorations

Finally, because of or in spite of all the help, we finished our Christmas tree.

Next, I have to put lights outside. I must admit I am a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to decorating but I especially don’t like stringing lights outside the house. It is something that mostly only gets seen by the neighbors so it seems like it is done solely to impress the neighbors and I don’t care about impressing the neighbors. I do want to make my wife happy so I string lights.

What are your thoughts on decorating for the holidays? Am I wrong about the outside lights?

19 thoughts on “Preparing for the Holidays . . . with Cats

  1. easyweimaraner

    ha Chris… nothing is better than to be the cat in the bag ;O) I love your christmas tree… this would be the one for me… to sit under a palm tree while our kraal turns into venice … fabulous!!!

  2. databbiesotrouttowne

    guyz…..we haz been bad vizaturrz late lee but managed ta sneek werd press
    way for a bit….we think dad SHULD put up sum litez coz then de naybor will
    try N out due him, then nother naybor will out due THAT naybor til ya haza
    seen from “Christmas Vacation” 🙂 hope everee onez due in grate ~~~~ 🙂

  3. onespoiledcat

    That big tree bag was just too tempting for the gang – can’t blame them. As for decorating – I’ve always thought the tree you and Rose have was FABULOUS….palm tree is perfect for down there! Outside lights – I must admit we don’t go nuts with them but I do buy a fresh balsam swag for the porch railing and put white lights in it – not to compete with the neighbors but because I love the “old fashioned Christmas” look of it! I decorate for ME…..not for “them” !


  4. The Island Cats

    Sadly, because we’re moving…it looks like there won’t be any decorating around here. Maybe we can convince the mom to put up the small tree (it’s about 3 feet tall).

  5. 15andmeowing

    I never thought of it that way as only being for the neighbors to see-good point. We have party Christmas Eve so we do put out lights and music for guests. Have a nice visit.

  6. Summer

    I love your Florida Christmas tree! My human is actually not decorating this year. We have too much else going on and are not really having holidays this year.

  7. cat9984

    I love your tree! In Michigan, we all have the same issue with putting up Christmas lights – wait long enough that it doesn’t seem crazy, but early enough that it isn’t painfully cold. Usually there are lights up for the winter, but only turned on between Christmas and New Year’s. Glad to see that all the furry members of the family are assisting in preparations.


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