Photo Friday: Cats on Film

Back in January 2010, while I was still living in Myrtle Beach, I bought a film camera from a coworker who only used it for a college photography class. By that time I had long since given up my film cameras and was on my second digital SLR, which I got for Christmas a few weeks before and which I just replaced for my birthday last month.

This camera was called a Canon Rebel X and I bought it because I planned to sell it on Ebay for a decent profit. I also missed shooting film and thought it would be fun to buy a roll of film and test it. I practically grew up shooting film and I can understand why some people, even today, prefer it over digital. I am not one of those people but I can understand it.

Naturally, some of my test subjects were my cats. So sit back and relax while I wind the clock back eight and a half years.





Tigger and Alex

Okay, we are back in 2018. How was the ride?


21 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Cats on Film

  1. Dennis

    Great pictures. When I was a kid, we also just had analog cameras. What I still remember is that I was a lot more careful with chosing subjects. If you are limited to (I think) 30 pictures per film, and if it costs you to develop them, you’re just taking special photos.

    Today with DSLR’s, you just can spam photos. It doesn’t cost anything, you can still delete photos at home. Like you, I like the new technology. But I would lie if I would say that all my images are special. There is a huge amount of experimental photos that I wouldn’t have taken if we would still use analog cameras 🙂

    What I liked too back then is the fact that you had to print them, to actually see them. Today I have thousands of photos and I print any of them. I think I should start doing it with some, especially with family pictures. The only thing I did was backing my files up on a second hard drive, just in case.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I am like you. I don’t print my photos either. I also agree that when we used film we were more careful about the photos that we took. That meant that we didn’t have as many bad pictures to weed out.

      1. Dennis

        On the other side this also makes us more creative. We can now shoot whenever we want. We also don’t have to be shy to experiment, which means we might take some photos that are super interesting, that we wouldn’t have shot back then.

        So, as you, I’m just not the type of analog person anymore. But for sure, if I would have one here, I would experiment with it again too for a couple of days. I understand that.

  2. The Island Cats

    Great pics! The mom still has a film camera, but she never uses it anymore. She’s not even sure who would develop film these days.

  3. Crystal And Daisy Mae

    Liked your cat pictures. Now about cameras. I recently just got a digital camera. My sister gave it to me. It’s a Nikon Coolpix digital camera. I hate to admit this but film cameras and me just didn’t mix. They never came out how I wanted them to. You should see my collection of film cameras.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      The nice thing about digital photography is that it’s easier to fix imperfect photos after the fact. Of course, I haven’t found a way to fix out of focus or blurry pictures.


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