Another Frankie Adventure and Mystery

Last week I took out the trash which can be a pain sometimes if a cat is outside on the catio. Our garbage cans are outside the back door of the catio and opening that door will cause Chris and Frankie to immediately run toward the door to try to get outside. Sometimes I quickly throw the trash on top of the can and close the door with the intention of putting it in the can later when it is safe. On this day I saw no cats so I thought I had time to open the door and put the trash inside the can. While I was doing that, Chris and Frankie bolted out the door at the same time. I either didn’t see them on the catio or I didn’t fully shut the door to the house.

I ran back inside to put my shoes on and when I returned both cats were still hanging out in the backyard.

two cats outside

Of course, as soon as I tried to pick up Frankie, he was gone. I pursued him and almost caught him when he was distracted by a lizard but he was too quick for me.

I brought Chris inside when I lost track of Frankie and stayed home thinking he would return. After waiting a fairly long time, I went out looking for him. I walked around the area for ten or fifteen minutes and became concerned after not seeing him so I returned home to see if he had showed up there yet.

When I got home Frankie was on the catio. I was puzzled. How did he get back inside? I was pretty sure he couldn’t open the door. That was Chris’s specialty.

I decided that was a mystery that couldn’t be solved until my wife got a text message from our neighbor saying she found Frankie and put him inside. Mystery solved. I just want to know why he let her pick him up and not me.


30 thoughts on “Another Frankie Adventure and Mystery

  1. weggieboy

    LOL! Every cat servant’s nightmare! My two position themselves by the door, plotting their escape, but I am fortunate in that one is a scaredy cat, and stops right at the door, and the other is so excited by all the new and strange smells, that he never makes it more than a few feet outside the door in his escapes because he’s always too interested in those smells! Plus, he loses track of where I am, so is easy to catch.

    Hey, and good for your neighbor putting Frankie back in the patio AND letting someone know she did it so the mystery was solved.

      1. weggieboy

        Pretty close to ideal. My good neighbors are moving to Oregon, so I will have to be more alert to what the kitty boys Andy and Dougy are doing!

          1. weggieboy

            I had them microchipped in December 2011, when they were neutered. There is no way I’d have kitties I didn’t make wear collars (since they are indoor cats) without taking the little precaution of having them microchipped.

            I had a shelter cat that was an indoor-outdoor cat that lost his collar, probably why he was caught and in the shelter in the first place. I never had him microchipped him. Had he not died first, that was on the agenda after a neighbor brought his collar to me.

              1. weggieboy

                It is relatively fast and simple to do, but that stress factor is problematic. Andy doesn’t act stressed. He stayed pretty much in that position he’s in in the photos, and that is typical. He got upset when they took his BP on his tail, but that ‘s the only time I’ve seen him upset at the veterinarian’s. Of course, Andy did try to hide in the overhead cabinet, so perhaps he just hides his stress. I’m trying the Feliway spray in the carrier Friday. Hope that helps.

                1. weggieboy

                  Yes, I’ve heard that, too. The towel in the carrier has the scent of both cats in it from earlier trips, but the idea you suggests sounds like a good idea, too. I do get to be in the examination room with them and help calm them by talk and strokes.

  2. onespoiledcat

    HAHAHA…….I think the best thing we can do when it comes to our beloved felines is not try to figure out what’s going on in their heads because as soon as we THINK we have, they will do something else they’ve never done before. Frankie is keeping you on your toes…..


    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Oh, man! They both keep me on my toes. I hurt my finger pretty bad yesterday trying to get out the door while keeping Chris and Frankie in. I was not successful.

  3. Summer

    MOL! That is just typical that Frankie let non-family pick him up. He probably didn’t realize he was going to be put back inside. With you, he knows where he is going.

  4. jebusandandrea

    They train us good but we can’t live without them and we laugh about it. Maybe us cat people are a little crazy? The world would be less fun if there wasn’t a tiny bit of crazy 🙂


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