Pull ‘n Play Cat Toy

Our cats loved this toy, especially Chris, until I put healthy treats in it.

Bad Cat Chris

Two weeks ago we bought two cat toys from Friskies called Pull ‘n Play. The toy is like a Weeble. which they call Wobbert. It is weighted on the bottom and it wobbles. It is shaped like an animal but I’m not sure what it is supposed to be, perhaps a bear. The head twists off so you can put treats inside. It comes with a bag of Friskies Party Mix and it also has a string-like treat that you thread through the ears. There is a small hole at the bottom so treats will fall out when it wobbles just right.

When we introduced it to our cats, Chris dominated the toy. As expected, he was the first, and still only, cat to figure out how the toy works. I recorded the first few minutes of them playing with it but later, after the camera was put away, I…

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8 thoughts on “Pull ‘n Play Cat Toy

  1. Summer

    So many cat bloggers didn’t like this toy because of the string-like treats – they felt it would encourage cats to eat string. Although I would think that if a cat is a string eater, they wouldn’t need much encouragement to begin with.

  2. databbiesotrouttowne

    eye am knot a loud ta eat treetz, but ree ceeved thiz azza gift; de food gurl placed kibble in it…thinkin it wood spark me interest…..in play……uh…….oh look, me tail kneadz a groomin ~~~~

    🙂 ♥♥

    tuna of moon


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