The Food is Always Better on Another Cat’s Plate

This Throwback Thursday post from 2014 isn’t much of a throwback because the same thing happens today except now we have Floki who is even worse than Puck.

Bad Cat Chris

Since the first day Chris entered our home, he has established himself as the alpha kitty in all areas except food, especially canned food. He likes the canned food and will eat it but doesn’t place a high value on it like our other cats (past and present) do.

Puck, however, was originally named “Chow Man” because of his love for food. Indeed, we named him Puck because, in part, he was into food as much as Wolfgang Puck.

I feed the cats wet food twice a day, in the morning, when I get up, and when I return from work, or around 5:00 on the weekends. The same thing happens every time. Puck and Frankie jump on the counter while I am opening the cans. Frankie then jumps back down to the floor where Chris is waiting. He knows that is where he is fed so he wants to be…

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7 thoughts on “The Food is Always Better on Another Cat’s Plate

  1. onespoiledcat

    Teddy obviously was only given dry food before we adopted him and while I’ve tempted him with every kind of wet food imaginable, so far I’m losing the battle. He likes those little packets of “broth” or “bisque”, or “chowder” but they are NOT a meal by any stretch. At least here, Teddy is not competing for food since he’s an “only” !!! Now if I can ONLY get him to eat!


  2. Summer

    Everybody here will eat out of everybody else’s food bowl if given even half the chance. And my human can’t leave any food unattended on the counter because I will jump up and get it before she can blink!


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