One Night Suspension of Bedroom Lockout

I thought I would reblog this post because Rose is away and I have been letting the cats sleep with me just like in this post. The results are about the same as before with Chris waking me up at 2 a.m. and again at 4:45.

Bad Cat Chris

Human sleeping sign Do you think putting this sign up would help?

I always feel bad for the other cats,  Puck and Frankie, because they must be locked out of the bedroom because Chris is bad and can’t be in there. The reason Chris can’t be there is because he is the most annoying cat ever when we are trying to sleep. Nevertheless, I decided to leave the bedroom door open last night since Rose was away. I decided I would just give him a chance and if he was too bad I would just throw them all out and shut and lock the door (I have to lock it because Chris knows how to open it).

Chris and Puck immediately took advantage of the open door. Puck laid at my feet like the good cat that he is and Chris laid down by my head and immediately began clawing at my face…

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9 thoughts on “One Night Suspension of Bedroom Lockout

  1. Timmy Tomcat

    Rumpy Bump was like Chris the first year with us. Dad does not like to but used the squirty bottle when he would start walking or poking him. He stopped after 2 or so months and started laying next to Dads leg being a good cat. There was a lot of before bed play time and a small snack so he was not hungry. Put together it all worked. We 7 all lay with Dad very nicely now.
    Purrs of luck in the future with Chris
    Timmy and Family

  2. onespoiledcat

    Sammy didn’t sleep with us EVER so we had no problems for all the years we had him. Teddy is a pain in the neck – actually he’s pretty good outside of the occasional squeak during the night but about 2:30AM he starts trying to get ME up. Lying on my pillow with his tail in my face, wanting under the covers, squeaking/crying, bringing me a toy so he can play fetch…..I can usually pacify him somehow for about an hour but by 3:30 I give up and GET up. I’ve actually had plenty of sleep by then since I go to bed super early…..anyway, cats always want things THEIR way. I think we need to play with him more before bed time – I leave snacks out already for him to enjoy all night so it’s not food he wants – it’s ME. Sounds like Chris!!


    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Chris is so happy while he is biting my nose and digging his claws in my neck that I hate to spoil it for him but I need sleep. I also had a terrible thought this morning about the possibility of him accidentally cutting my neck open with his claws. He insists on sticking his claws in bare skin. If I pull the cover up he finds a new place to claw at.

  3. Summer

    For the record, we are all VERY good in bed with the humans. But then, my human sleeps so deeply that even if we were bad, she wouldn’t notice. So if we ARE bad, we don’t tell anyone!


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