Good Times with the Cat-Sitter

My wife and I recently went to a wedding in Kentucky. We left early Thursday morning and did not return until late Sunday evening. Fortunately, our good friend, Lynn, was able to play cat-sitter for us once again.

All of our cats love her now. Even puck, who is the shyest cat of them all, comes out for Lynn’s attention.

cat Puck cat Puck

Chris is perfectly happy lying in the sunbeam but…

cat Chris

He likes to cuddle even more.

cat ChrisFrankie is so comfortable with Cat-Sitter Lynn that he just lets it all hang out.

cat Frankie

Of course, he likes getting attention too.

cat Frankie

Floki, who is almost as shy as Puck, also comes out when Lynn is around.

cat Floki

There is one other thing our cats like almost as much as their sitter; dinner.

cats food

Judging from this picture, I’d say Floki is about to steal Frankie’s food, even though his bowl has plenty of food in it.


18 thoughts on “Good Times with the Cat-Sitter

  1. Summer

    We love our pet sitter too! I almost never get to see her, since when my human is out of town I am almost always with her. But Binga and Boodie swear by her.

  2. DashKitten

    I think your sitter Lynn is worthy of the highest priase if she is loved by everyone. How happy are they if they don’t run and hide? Well done that lady!


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