Lizard in the Litter

I was looking through my videos and came across one I forgot about from August. Puck either caught a lizard in the litter box or moved it to the litter box so he could play with it without losing it. Whatever the reason, he drew a crowd of spectators.


12 thoughts on “Lizard in the Litter

  1. easyweimaraner

    that could be the conter-question to the boring why the chicken crossed the road-thing… how the lizard landed in the litter box is a more interesting question… maybe he misread litter for lizard?

  2. catobsessedanne

    My cat would go nuts for a lizard! I think it would be the highlight of his life (he’s an indoor boy). Sadly they never seem to come inside, though there are plenty of ’em outside. (new follower/cat blogger here, nice to “meet” you!)


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