Puck Takes a Dust Bath

It’s funny that when I wrote this blog post Puck was on my desk, and now that I want to share it again Frankie is on my desk and Chris is on my lap. They don’t make blogging easy.

As proof, while I was typing the last sentence, Chris got on the desk with Frankie and then Floki joined them and walked across the keyboard. And me without my camera.

Bad Cat Chris

Lately we have noticed that Puck seems to want to roll around in the litter box.

Puck rolling in litter boxAt first we thought he was just being weird. It would be like us humans washing our hands in the toilet.

Puck rolling in litter boxBut then we discovered it is common for cats to do this. It is called a “dust bath” and naturally, this is supposed to be done in the dirt, but our inside cats have no access to dirt so this is the best they can do.

dust bathOne of the reasons they do this is to cover their bodies with good bacteria that they then lick off themselves to get this good bacteria into their digestive system. They may also do this to scratch an itch or mark their territory. My worry is that the bacteria in the litter boxes may not be what I would consider good, although so far Puck seems to…

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11 thoughts on “Puck Takes a Dust Bath

  1. weggieboy

    The first time I saw a cat take a dust bath, I was scandalized! LOL! She (Callie the calico) seemed very pleased with the activity, so I let it pass: cats sniff each other’s butts, too, another activity I didn’t realize till I had two of my own.

    That was interesting to learn why they do it today, reading this blog, and I can only hope my kitties don’t try their litter boxes for their dust baths! Ugh~!

  2. Summer

    My human is relieved that none of us do this! But I do want to add, that when Binga and I go on our walks on our harness and leash, we’ve both taken dust baths. Binga especially.

  3. pilch92

    Joanie likes to roll in the litter pile when I am sleeping, I hope she doesn’t decide to roll in the box too.


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