Lizard Breath

Chris has always been the best lizard catcher in the family. I just don’t understand why he cant play with them outside.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris got out last week when I was bringing groceries in the house. When that happens, it is just easier to leave him out until I get everything in the house and then go get him. He spent the whole time eating grass and rolling around on the sidewalk until he knew I wanted him in. He then made me chase him. As he was running away from me a lizard caught his attention and he quickly caught it… Then he was ready to go in the house.

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7 thoughts on “Lizard Breath

  1. easyweimaraner

    maybe he will share his brandnew toy with you? the cat of my aunt always presented new toys on the living room table ;o) they once had an insurance guy in their house and he sat next to a dead berd on the table ;o)

  2. Summer

    Poor lizard! My human’s soul cat used to catch lizards and my human was always wrestling them away from her. Eventually this cat figured out that it really, really upset my human when she killed them… so after that, she would bring her the lizards, still alive, and even place them in her hand.


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