Fun in the Sun

This video was taken at our last home where we had a somewhat enclosed back yard. It was relatively easy to keep an eye on the cats there until Frankie came along and needed to explore the entire neighborhood.

Puck has not been outside since moving over a year ago. I tried once to put a harness on him and bring him out but he freaked out when a car went by before we even got out the door. Perhaps I will try again soon.

Bad Cat Chris

I believe in an ideal world, every indoor cat would have a cat-door leading to an outside area tightly enclosed by a cat-proof fence so the cat could come and go as they please. Of course, this is not an ideal world so we have to make due with what we have. In our case, I try to let the cats outside for a supervised “recess” once or twice a week.

I think being able to run around outside, eat grass and soak up the sun is good for them. I also think there are many dangers outside which is why I won’t let them out unless I have the time to make sure they stay close to the house. It can be difficult to watch them when both cats are out at once but Rose was out there yesterday for a second set of eyes.

They really enjoyed their time…

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6 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun

  1. onespoiledcat

    I am so glad we started Sam on harness/leash from the minute we brought him home from the shelter as now he HELPS put them on by stepping into the harness. No wrestling match or difficulty and he’s been able to enjoy the fresh air. BUT having said that, I know that many cats ALSO enjoy the safety and security of “inside”……Sam has had both all his life – now that he’s elderly, I think he really does enjoy being inside more.


  2. Summer

    I wish we had somewhere safe to explore like you used to have! Binga and I can only go out on harness and leashes, and only when my human has the time (which isn’t all that often).

  3. The Island Cats

    We don’t get to go outside nearly as much as we would like. Well, actually, I’m the only one that wants to go out…Ernie and Zoey really aren’t interested. I don’t mind being in my harness if it means going out. But the mom only lets me walk around the backyard…and after awhile, that gets kinda boring. ~Wally


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