The Cycle of Sickness

Our cats have been sick since we introduced Floki to the group. He didn’t show signs of being sick when we got him but I guess that is one lesson we learned the hard way.

I can’t blame Floki for everything though. There are two separate illnesses going around. One is an eye infection, which I think is Pink Eye. That is probably from Floki, but the other is sneezing, which Frankie had before we met Floki.

It started with Frankie getting an eye infection while Floki caught the sneezes. The eye trouble then spread to Puck who had it in both eyes but was spared the sneezing. Chris then had a slight case of the sniffles but he never got very sick.

Chris, dispute his weight, has never been very sick. In fact, unlike Puck and Frankie, he has never been given steroids or antibiotics, which all vets love to dish out like candy. I guess that is because Chris has never been to the vet for anything except vaccinations. Maybe that is why he doesn’t normally get sick.

Puck got better and is fine now. Frankie got a little  better but then the eye infection and sneezing came back. Now it’s Chris turn. He is not only sneezing but he has the eye infection too.

Bad Cat Chris with eye infection

Saturday, My wife was sitting on the bet with her laptop while Chris was lying next to he. Suddenly, Chris sneezed an abundance of snot her way. It got all over her and her laptop. All I heard was a lot of yelling and Rose running to the bathroom to take an “emergency” shower.

The most concerning thing happened Sunday morning. Frankie was on top of the refrigerator while I was in the kitchen doing chores.  Rose came out and noticed one of Frankie’s eyes was very dilated. That was not normal and very concerning.

The first thought was to bring him to the vet but it was Sunday so that wasn’t an option. I did a little research and there are many different causes of that. We decided to give him a day to see if it got any better.

This morning it is slightly better, perhaps ten percent. Not much but it means there is hope. We will continue to monitor Frankie’s eye very closely and if it does not continue to improve, we will have to bring him to the vet.



31 thoughts on “The Cycle of Sickness

  1. easyweimaraner

    Chris, I hope efurry day makes it 10% better and you are well soon…. hugs to you all, I hope all sickness and all dark clouds will disappear and only good things will come to you.

  2. pilch92

    Please bring him to the vet as soon as you can. I pray it is nothing major, but Stinky had the one eye dilated and the vet didn’t find anything wrong with her eye so she was to see a specialist, but sadly passed before that. I am not trying to scare you, but it is better safe than sorry.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I understand your concern. I have it too. Our recent vet bills were close to $1000. It is a tough spot to be in. His eye is a little better now than it was this morning. I pray it will improve even more by tomorrow.

  3. Deziz World

    Oh No, purrlease take him to da VET. Dat’s very painful. Since Raena came to us with an eye infection and our stupid VET treated it like it was nuffin’, she suffered fur weeks. When me furinally caught it too, mommy put her foot down and we got some antibiotic eye drops dat cleared us both up in a week. We’re sendin’ purrayers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  4. The Island Cats

    That’s the thing about cats…they seem to pass illnesses on to one another, back and forth and forth and back…just like kids. We’re purring Chris’ eye is better…but the mom would have definitely taken us to a vet.

  5. kittiesblue

    Wow, that eye would scare me. I would immediately think stroke, but obviously you could tell if something that serious had happened. I would have been at the emergency vet in a nano-second. I pray that improvement continues. And I pray that everybody will be well soon. I know how it is when one gets sick and then they all spread it back and forth. Hugs, Janet and Kitties Blue

  6. elizabetcetera

    As a nurse (of humans of course) and not a vet, I seriously think you need to get the eye checked out even if you don’t believe in vets. You don’t want him to be blind in one eye. Seriously.

      1. elizabetcetera

        O just feel bad for the little guy. Unequal pupil dilation as a new finding can be something serious and time can be of the essence when dealing with the delicate organ of the eye. It is only for my deep care and love of cats that I comment.

  7. onespoiledcat

    Hoping that eye is improving – it would just plain scare me to see that. Let’s also hope that eye issue and the sneezies get better…….being a one cat household at least there’s no passing around of illnesses or other medical problems. Sam has plenty of those at his age anyway! Good luck…….we’re sending POTP and purrs that things shape up soon and that eye issue is not as scary as it looks.

    Pam (and Sam)

  8. Carole

    That eye looks scary. Glad to hear it’s improved but you must have been really worried. Hope the bouts of illness clear up soon. You must be due a break.


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