What’s Behind Drawer Number One?

For #TBT I thought I would re-share a post from early 2014. Chris has become a bit fat lately so I don’t see him squeezing into small spaces like he used to.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris has always had a need to not only get inside drawers but get behind them. I cannot count how many times I had to remove a drawer because Chris has managed to get himself behind it. A recent post,  Happiness is a Dresser Drawer, is a good example of this.

The problem is caused partly by my carelessness (because I am usually, but not always, the one who opens a drawer and forgets to close it) but Chris deserves some credit too for being so incredibly flexible. I don’t know how he squeezes himself through some of the spaces he gets into.

This morning I was in the kitchen using the juicer I got for Christmas. I opened the bottom drawer then walked away briefly. When I returned, I saw that Puck was very interested in the drawer. I knew this could only mean that Chris was behind it but…

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5 thoughts on “What’s Behind Drawer Number One?

  1. Summer

    When my human was growing up, her family had a drawer cat! She would climb in her parents’ dresser through one drawer and settle into a different one.


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