Memories of Abbey and Tigger

When I was looking for something to share for #TBT, I came across this post which brought back memories of Abbey, who is still very much missed.

Bad Cat Chris

I want to start by wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year. I hope you all have a great 2014.

About five years ago Rose and I were at a benefit for a local shelter called The Suncoast Animal League (Where I later volunteered briefly). They had cat beds for sale and since it was for a good cause we bought one that looked a little like Abbey. She took to it right away and it became her bed, even though other cats would sometimes lie in it.

Abbey and Tigger in Abbey's cat bed. Abbey and Tigger in Abbey’s cat bed.

Abbey, Chris and Tigger in Abbey's cat bed. Abbey’s bed could sometimes get over crowed.

Tigger had his own bed too but he was not as attached to it as Abbey was.

Chris and Tigger in thier cat beds After we lost Abbey, her bed remained behind.

Today we put away all our Christmas decorations. I don’t know how but it seemed like we had less room than we…

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8 thoughts on “Memories of Abbey and Tigger

  1. Summer

    My human is a bit of a pack rat, and sentimental, so she probably would have kept the bed with the cat head, room or no room. Thanks for the memories of Abbey and Tigger today.


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