Photo Friday: More Outdoor Fun

Sorry, no kitten pics today. Maybe tomorrow. This post was from our last house where we had a somewhat enclosed back yard and could let the cats out under supervision. Puck has not been outside in a year since we moved. I am hoping to get a harness on him soon without him freaking out (again).

Bad Cat Chris

Work was slow last Friday so I had the day off. Of course, when that happens I am not allowed to play all day and usually have a honey-do list that involves cleaning the house. I did have some free time though and decided to let Chris out for some fresh air.

Bad Cat Chris outside Ahh… Grass eating time.

I didn’t want to let Puck out because he is such a pain to catch and bring back in but after seeing the look of rejection on his face I couldn’t refuse him.

Our cat Puck wanting to go outside. You forgot me again!

Our cat Puck going outside What? You’re letting me out? Oh boy!

Bad Cat Chris and Puck outside C’mon Puck, let me show you how to have fun outside.

Bad Cat Chris outside First, you have to get some sun on your belly.

Bad Cat Chris outside Then we can build a fort.

Puck outside. I don’t know Chris. I think I just want to go exploring.

I was glad they had a chance to be outside. Puck…

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